Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now Avialable in Stock

Hello, I have fresh and fertile parrot eggs now available for sale. All candle light tested, hatching ratio of 1:1 and do express, insured and guaranteed delivery. Efficient small octagon incubators are equally available. These goes along with a training DVD tutorial to help enhance first timers get hands on incubating, hatching and hand raising .All my eggs come with all vet, insurance papers. The more the eggs you’ll like to buy, the lesser the price.

Description Amount in USD Description Amount in USD
African Parrots
Timneh African Greys 50.00 Greenwings 55.00
Congo African Greys 50.00 Scarlets 55.00
Cockatoos 55.00 Blue & Gold 55.00
Triton 55.00 Hahns 55.00
Umbrella 55.00 Military 55.00
Moluccan 55.00

Amazons 55.00

Double Yellow Head Amazons 40.00

Yellow Nape Amazons 40.00

Blue Front Amazon 40.00

Lilac Crown Amazon 55.00

Green Cheek Amazon 55.00

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hand feeding Diet

2 cups preground ZU PREEM MONKEY CHOW
3/4 cup raw SUNFLOWER SEED
3/4 cup raw PEANUTS
1 tablespoon PEANUT BUTTER ( no sugar added)
1/2 teaspoon CALCIUM
1/2 teaspoon VITAMINS
4 to 4 1/4 cups DISTILLED WATER

Place all the ingredients listed above in a blender and mix thoroughly on high speed. Mixed food should have a slightly course texture, not creamy. Place mixture in a Tupperware like container and stir in the following by hand:

1 Jar Baby Food APPLE SAUCE
1 Jar Baby Food CARROTS
1 Jar Baby Food GREEN BEANS

If mixture is to thick, add additional DISTILLED WATER. If mixture is to thin, add HIGH PROTEIN BABY CEREAL to reach desired consistency. Mixture should be thicker then cake batter, but thinner then cream of wheat.

Which sex is better ?

Many people ask us which sex is better and do males or females get along with men or woman better ? John and I have had most of the parrots that we breed as pets one time or another. All of the species we breed will make great pets for either a man or a women and sex, in our opinion, has never been a factor in compatibility with their owners. As with a lot of the parrots, once the birds are in the home the birds may form an attachment to certain people in the house, but this is usually because a certain person is spending more time with the bird and forming a stronger bond with that person. We recommend that everyone in the family that is going to handle the bird do it in a consistent manner. There are some birds that are famliy group birds and there are other birds that after a time will develope a strong bond with just a few people.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Toco toucans,

African Parrots
Timneh African Greys $45.00
Congo African Greys $45.00

Triton $50.00
Umbrella $50.00
Moluccan $50.00

Double Yellow Head Amazons $45.00
Yellow Nape Amazons $45.00
Blue Front Amazon $745.00
Lilac Crown Amazon $50.00
Green Cheek Amazon $55.00

Greenwings $50.00
Scarlets $50.00
Blue & Gold $50.00
Hahns $50.00
Military $50.00

Hyacinth Macaw$50.00

M/F Red Sided Eclectus $50.00
Senagals $50.00